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Chimney Rock Park!!

Posted: 2019-06-06

Chimney Rock Park - The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals - Asheville, NC

The view from Chimney Rock is one of the best views in Western North Carolina. The more adventurous of us climbed 499 steps up to Chimney Rock, while the rest of us enjoyed a 32 second elevator ride. After enjoying the breath-taking view (and some ice cream) we headed to the Great Woodland Adventure to see some mountain critters and walk an educational trail. When asked what her favorite part of the day was, my 9 year old niece replied “the heights.” This Asheville Area Attraction is located just 17 miles from The Cove at Fairview.

www.chimneyrockpark.com (828) 625-9611

Hickory Nut Gap Farm!!

Posted: 2019-06-03

Hickory Nut Gap Farm - The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals - Asheville, NC
Hickory Nut Gap Farm – The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals – Asheville, NC

Whether we are having a summer cook-out or making some winter chili, Hickory Nut Gap Farm is our favorite place to go for 100% grass fed beef.   Their Farm Store features a wide selection of meat as well as local crafts and products.   Their deli makes great made to order sandwiches.  Don’t miss half priced burger Thursday!  Be sure to visit this working farm that is located just 4 miles from The Cove at Fairview.  

www.hickorynutgapfarm.com  828-628-1027

Sky Mountain Pizza!!

Posted: 2019-05-07

Sky Mountain Pizza - The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals - Asheville, NC
Sky Mountain Pizza – The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals – Asheville, NC

Sky Mountain Pizza is one of the best pizza places in the Asheville Area.  These pizzas feature home-made crust topped with fresh ingredients.  Shown here is a veggie lover’s pizza (minus what we had for lunch)!  In addition to pizza, they offer spaghetti and delicious subs. We also love their breakfast, especially the egg and cheese biscuit.  These items are convenient to pick-up as this great Asheville area restaurant is located just 4 miles from The Cove at Fairview.  

www.skymountainpizza.com  (828) 338-5039

Nachos and Beer!!

Posted: 2019-04-04

Nachos and Beer - The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals Asheville, NCInside this shiny diner is one of the best Mexican restaurants you will ever eat at. The menu is extensive and don’t miss their lunch specials. Even though the food arrives quickly, you will want to stay all day to enjoy great food and good company. Seen here is a steak taco salad, one of our favorites. Don’t miss eating at this Asheville Area restaurant! Nachos and Beer – (828) 298-2280

Looking Glass Creamery!!

Posted: 2019-03-22

The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals Asheville, NC

Visit this award-winning local creamery. Sample the amazing cheeses and caramel sauce! Spoiler alert: you will have a hard time choosing which types of delicious cheese to take home. Last visit we bought one of our all time favorites – Chocolate Lab. We also bought Ridgeline – soon to be a new favorite! If you have time, please enjoy some wine with a cheese tray in this idyllic setting. Looking Glass Creamery is, in our opinion, one of the top Asheville Area Attractions.
www.ashevillecheese.com 828-222-0383

The Local Joint!!

Posted: 2019-03-15

The Local Joint is The Local Joint!!  The Cove at Fairview Vacation Rentals Asheville, NCan awesome Fairview restaurant! Over the past few years, we have sent more guests to the Local Joint than any other restaurant in the Asheville Area. This diner has a fun atmosphere and has something for everyone. Breakfast served till 3, the burgers are always cooked to order, and dinner has lots of dressed up dishes. Everything is great, but one of our favorites is the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.  The Local Joint (828) 338-0469

Fresh Bread!!

Posted: 2019-02-07

Fresh Bread from The Cove at Fairview Vacation rentals

Fresh Bread from The Cove at Fairview Vacation rentals

The aroma of fresh bread greets all of our guests as they enter our rental homes. This bread goes great with fresh eggs from our chickens, butter and jelly, or local honey. This award winning, local honey is in our larger homes. Fresh bread is one of the many unique touches that will make your stay with us memorable! Why stay in a rental house when you can stay in a rental home?

Winter Firewood!!

Posted: 2019-01-18

For our fireplaces and wood stoves, we provide enough firewood for several fires. (Additional wood can be purchased for a small fee). Some of the firewood comes from trees on our land that fall naturally. These trees are normally Oaks, Locusts, & Tulip Poplars. Preparing the wood for use takes several steps. First, we cut the logs into smaller pieces, then we haul the wood to the wood-cutter. Next, we split the wood into pieces and stack the wood. The wood seasons for at least six months before use. Enjoy the warmth of a hand-laid fire!

Holiday Donations!!

Posted: 2018-12-19

This year we are donating food to the Fairview Food Bank. This is part of the larger effort of the Fairview Business Association. We are donating peanut butter, beef stew, cereal, ravioli, tuna fish, and mac n cheese. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the larger community and we wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

Decorating for the Holidays!!

Posted: 2018-12-03

We are always very excited to share the beauty of the holidays with our guests. This year we are decorating 20 Arborvitaes with white lights. The barn will display a large wreath on the door to the hay loft. We also are decorating inside of all our houses to share some Holiday Cheer.