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Fall in the Mountains!!

Posted: 2018-11-12

This year we have been very excited to share with our guests the unique and spectacular beauty of Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Guests can take a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, hike to an extraordinary view, or simply enjoy rocking on the porch of one our rentals. Shown here is the exquisite beauty of the woods surrounding “My Place” rental home. Tulip Poplars, Oaks, and other native trees surround this home.

Last Koi Fish Feeding of the Year!!

Posted: 2018-11-08

On our property we have three Koi Ponds with beautiful Koi Fish of various colorations. Our guests enjoy feeding the Koi Fish in the warmer months. In winter months, the Koi Fish semi-hibernate and do not eat anything. We have just stopped feeding the Koi Fish for the year as the water temperature has gotten colder. We will start feeding them again in the Spring when the water temperature is consistently warmer and the Koi Fish wake up from their winter sleep.

Fall Flowers!!

Posted: 2018-10-18

We have just completed a Fall Flowers Display. This display features some Fall favorites: Mums, Pineapple Sage, Sedums, and of course pumpkins! The herbs, sage and oregano, will be fed to the chickens in November. Also, we have trimmed a light green evergreen that is located by the barn. The evergreen boughs give a touch of festive greenery to the Fall Flowers Display.

Gathering Seeds!!

Posted: 2018-10-12

Today we gather seeds. Zinnias, Marigolds, Iron Weed, Shasta Daisies, Tall Phlox, Butterfly Weed, Joe Pye Weed, Iron Weed, & Echinacea are some of the plants we are gathering seeds from. The flowers and stems are dried out, and the flowers contain dried seeds. Some seeds of wildflowers and perennials can now be scattered in the gardens. These seed know when to bloom in the Spring. Other seeds, such as the Marigold shown in the picture, will be stored over the Winter and scattered in the Spring.


Posted: 2018-10-02

We have recently added several custom-made signs to our property in order to point out areas of interest. There now are signs for Koi Falls, The Lotus Pond, & Flower Hill. We have added 2 Whoa Signs at the exit of our property in order to reinforce safety for our guests. There is also a sign for Garden Cabin Party Only at the new bridge to the Garden Cabin and a sign for Garden Cabin Parking Only. We have added these signs to maintain a high standard of privacy for our guests. All signs display our logo and The Cove at Fairview name.

Garden Cabin Bridge!!

Posted: 2018-09-26

We have constructed a beautiful new bridge. The bridge is from the parking area to the Garden Cabin deck. It is constructed with pressure treated pine wood and hog wire. This bridge is a great upgrade for our guests. Guests can now leave their car and conveniently cross the bridge onto the Garden Cabin deck.

Planter at Chicken Coop!!

Posted: 2018-08-30

We have just added a new planter to the outside of the solar powered chicken coop! This planter is constructed from railroad ties. We filled the planter with heated manure (from our barn animals) to grow the plants in. Heating manure is letting the Sun burn Nitrogen from the manure to make a cheap and ecologically sustainable fertilizer. We have planted vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They include: Corn, Onion, Oregano, Dill, Pineapple Sage, Sage, Marigolds, +.

Metal Glider

Posted: 2018-08-08

“Our House” porch now features an antique metal glider. This glider is approximately 70 years old and came from Frank’s childhood home. (Frank is co-owner and manager of The Cove at Fairview). We have grinded off two coats of paint and polyurethaned this piece of furniture. This antique has a contemporary flair, blending tradition with modern. Frank has many great memories of sitting on the glider and we hope you will as well!

New Chicken Coop

Posted: 2018-07-25

We have a new chicken coop! This small coop sits on a hillside by the barn and is surrounded by Zinnias and Marigolds. The coop is primarily used to raise baby chicks. This new coop has 4 nesting boxes, a ramp, and a perch. We also have put a flower pot filled with dirt inside of the coop so that the young hens will learn to take a dust bath. Chickens take dust baths in order to stay clean and healthy.

Relax in a Hammock!

Posted: 2018-07-16

We have just added 4 Eno Hammocks to the Cove at Fairview! Listen to the sound of waterfalls as you relax in one of our 2 Eno Hammocks at Koi Falls! These Hammocks are a great place to relax in the shade and renew yourself in the tranquility of nature.
Also, climb the steps on Flower Hill to relax in 2 more new Hammocks. Enjoy an Eastward View of the gentle mountains and the vast blue sky from the comfort of these 2 new Hammocks.